Passionate about British exports!

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  • Ian Selby
  • Jim Fanshawe – Founder
    Where it all started – Jim completed a degree in European Business Administration which led him into his career in international business. Starting out in an internal european sales support role, Jim went on to develop a successful career covering most aspects of international business development and global supply chains. He’s now really keen to share the knowledge and experience gained during his career with a wide portfolio of clients.
    Amount of experience – 20 years, which he says is scary to admit!
    Proudest achievement to date – Other than being a father of 3, Jim’s proudest achievement is successfully founding this business. Being passionate about seeing British companies succeed in overseas markets, Jim thrives on working on a bespoke solution for each client to help them achieve their international objectives.
    Favourite Cities – Having been fortunate enough to travel extensively with work there are too many amazing places to mention! The ones that stand out though would be St. Petersburg, Barcelona, Singapore but the list could go on!
    Specialisms – Global export business development experience with additional emphasis on central and eastern Europe; Export Strategy and Market Entry; Distributor and route to market management.
    Twitter – @JimFanshawe
    Phone – +44 (0)7853 107499
  • Ian Selby – Associate
    Where it all started – Having decided that A Levels were not for him, Ian took a job as an Export Administrator, not knowing what one was at the time, and has never looked back since!
    Ian’s career in exports has been driven by his belief in British manufacturing. He believes exporting is something to be proud of, to trade British goods around the world where the quality is appreciated. The UK is a net importer and too vulnerable to the fluctuations in global economies. If the cost of living goes up in China (which it will because of their growing middle class) we will see a rise in inflation. We need to make more good quality items ourselves and take control of our economy. Exporting creates jobs in manufacturing and services and gives this country a reduced risk of economic turbulence.
    Amount of experience – 21 years. Apparently…
    Proudest achievement to date – Physically loading a container in the UK and then being in Tanzania to help his customer unload and see not only the process in reverse but the benefit our products brought to the local community.
    Favourite Cities – Oooh there’s been a few; Cape Town, Sydney, Lagos was fun, Nairobi is always lively…. But there’s only 1 London.
    Specialisms – Supply chain and logistics as there’s several ways to do this but only 1 right way. Ian loves an Incoterm or Letter of Credit and wishes they came up on pub quizzes. Ian has recently developed a keen interest in sales for outdoor retail brands believing the products are cool and the people real!
    Twitter -@ianpaulselby
    Phone – +44 (0)7887 802282